top 5 most expensive cruise shines in the world
top 10 most luxurious cars in the world
Jewelries augment the beauty in women making them more attractive. They have been the prized possession for every woman since early times and have been a status symbol. Being the most coveted treasure, jewelries are not only the things of beautification but also the identity of wealth, power and prestige. Thus, the lavishness in wearing an expensive jewelry is the pride and also the prejudice of woman.
Pocket watches is among the classiest fashion accessories for men. There are several types of pocket watches featuring their own unique characteristics. A subtle contrasting aspect featured in pocket watches is the movement. A general knowhow about pocket watch movement helps know these exquisite timepieces better. There are four primary types of pocket watch movements: Key-wind, Key-set movements, Stem-wind, stem-set movements, Stem-wind, level set movement and Stem-wind lever set movement.
On that way of becoming the top economic power of the world, India is making headlines one after another. As a mark of its boosting economy, Mumbai, the financial capital of the country recorded enough wealth to be named among the top 15 Wealthiest Cities in the World. The report published by New World Wealth ranked Mumbai as the 12th wealthiest city in the world ahead of Toronto, Frankfurt and Paris. The measurement was based on the net private wealth of all individuals, including business liabilities, immovable or movable properties and cash or equities.
Luxury is the other name of a cruise vacation. Cuisines, refined accommodations and excellent service are what that set apart a luxury cruise experience to that of other vacations. All cruises offer an array of high end features and luxuries, but only a number of such cruises provide services that set the tone for higher experience. The following is the collection by Forbes to bring out the best among luxury cruises around the world

Although, Golf has been a highly unpopular game in India, restricted only to only the upper echelons of Solarin, the android phone manufactured by Sirin Lab’s is by every way a device only for the ultra rich. The whopping USD 16,000 android phone is supposedly irreverent to common users because, the sky high price is only due to its extremely enhanced security features. It is for those wealthy people who prize information security and privacy the most. Solarin is a 5.5 inch Android Smart phone that reaches the said numbers with all tax added. It is noteworthy that Sirin
Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a daily exercise which is done in the morning to attain a holistic life. This is a “Astanga Yoga” which comprises of 8 different exercises done in cycles. This yoga is a key to stay fit and healthy throughout the day as it strains all major muscles of the body. Here we will list out the eight Yogas that comprise Surya Namaskar.