The decentralization of lending, and the advanced disruption to financial services, therefore, looks set to proceed to narrow the credit gap for SMEs, and these all characterize the solution called the #DebitumNetwork.
The first mirror identity chain project powered by the #blockchaintechnology called #Usechain is now part of #KuCoin #CryptocurrencyExchange.
Since #KuCoin is known as a huge fan of trading competitions and giveaways, this coming September 15, 2018, as their first year anniversary, they’ll be celebrating by offering their users a chance to win their share of 19 BTC. Click here to learn more.
#SingularityNET is creating the most promising and most secured approach to a greater level of AI’s creativeness, broad-mindedness and intelligence. They are in this process to secure the global formation and learning of #AI.
#KuCoin #cryptocurrencyexchange platform has listed another unique and promising project that will interest partners, traders or investors as part of their advanced expansion. The newly registered token is an autonomous digital currency called #Decred #DCR.
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#DebitumNetwork is recognized as an advanced hybrid ecosystem for small to medium business financing, using the #Ethereum #blockchain based system together with principal and interest moved using fiat.
Despite the controversies and challenges this year, #KuCoin has emphatically proven that they are still one of the world’s largest #cryptocurrencyexchanges today. And now as part of their extensive marketing and development, they had invested and established a new joint venture with local exchange #BitcoinAustralia in return for a share of the local market.